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Window Repairs In Bournemouth

At Window Repairs In Bournemouth, we have a bunch of services we can do for you. Tilt & Turn repair is one of our services and we can do this for you quickly and efficiently. The tilt and turn style windows have been used in the UK for 30 years and offer great ventilation through the variable tilt function, as well as easy cleaning due to it being able to open to 90 degrees. There are two distinct types of these are tilt before turn and turn before tilt, we are able to repair both types of these windows.

We can also repair your window hinges, locks and handles for you. We can fit new hinges, locks, locks for venting, new handles, hits frame and trickle vents. We can also repair the damage made from a burglary. Window hinge repair can be done very easily and the main reason for it needing to be repaired is when the black or grey friction block on the window hinge snaps. You may also have problems like when you close the window there is a gap or draft down the hinge side of the window, the window doesn’t fully pull in the area of the hinge, large gaps form leaving the window unable to close if you have any of these problems we are able to fix them for you. We can also repair your window handles and these can be replaced in a variety of styles and colours. We can also help to fix your drafty windows if you have any we are able to put new hinges, new seals and adjust your windows for you.

If you are interested in our services please get in contact with us, take a look at our other services here!