UPVC Windows Dorset

The windows we offer have styles that are the most popular in the UK and for a very good reason. These windows contain a fixed glazed frame and a second side hinged frame or casement with a simple open mechanism. The price isn’t bad either and is one of the main reasons people get these windows, they don’t rock the bank and will last you a long time. It is a very good way to add A+ double glazing efficiency to your home and look good at the same time with all the different styles you can get with it.  They are all suitable for any home from old cottages to modern mansions.

You can also have vertical sliding sash windows, these can be slid up and down to control the room temperature independently, these can also unclip and be tilted inwards to clean easily and safely.

These windows overall will save you a bit of money on heating bills and will be very pleasant to look at, so why not get it done?