Remove And Replace Windows

If you are in the middle of improving your property and you need to get rid of some larger items that won’t fit through some of the thinner doors in your property or if it’s just not worth the risk of scratching the walls then you can have the glazing and maybe even the window frame removed for a short period of time. This will also let you dispose of any rubbish or waste that is in the property without having to take it the whole way through, it can also assist with moving larger items in and out of the property as well this could be radiators, furniture or new compliance that will be hard to get through the door. Sometimes the only solution to the problem is to remove the glazing temporarily for access. We can show you how quick and swift of an operation this is and can save you the hassle of dismantling furniture or removing interior doors.

Our services don’t stop there, while we are removing your windows we might as well fix them if your windows are drafty. If you are losing heat through your windows it can be a huge strain on your energy bills. It is a very common problem and one of our technicians can repair and improve the perished or damaged windows very quickly. Our quality replacement or repair service for faulty windows and seals offers great value and peace of mind.

If you are interested in our services please call us today to talk about your windows! Or get in contact with us!