You might be in the process of doing home improvements and you may need to get large items of furniture in and out of the property. You may want to consider removing the glazing and maybe even the window frame for a short period of time. This can help we things like rubbish and rubble out of the property quickly without having to walk through the whole property to get outside. Then you can bring large items through the window into the property, this can be things like radiators, sofas and other building materials. Sometimes when you have to move large items the only option is to temporarily remove the window for access.

We also have other services we can do for you. We can install pet doors and cat flaps for your convenience. We can also add extra security to your home with bolts and upgraded locks to keep you and your family as safe as possible. We can also clean your UPVC windows and make them look brand new. Conservatory repair is another one of our services we can do for you. Also other things like door and window repairs. You can read more on these on our services page.