Remove And Replace Broadstone

You may be in the middle of improving your home and as you might be moving a lot of items in and out of your property you may find that some of the larger items don’t fit through your doors or it may be a tight squeeze and to avoid scratching your walls or possible doing more damage you may want to remove your glazing to get large furniture in and out of the property it may even be easier to take some of the rubble and rubbish out that way. Sometimes the only solution is to temporarily remove the glazing. We can show you how swift this process is and it can save you a lot of hassle by not having to dismantle furniture items or having to remove interior doors. Our team will be able to take the glazing away and put it back in when needed without causing any damaged to the glass or window frame.

While you are improving your home it might be worth your while for us to help you improve your security. We can install bolts for your UPVC doors that will hold them firm and we can install bolts and stops on your UPVC windows, upgrading your locking system is another feature we can improve for you. We understand that your family is a top priority and you want to keep them as safe as possible in your home. That is why we have so many different ways to improve the security of your home. Learn more about this service on our additional security page!

If you are interested in any of our service please get in contact and we can send someone out to give you a free quote!