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UPVC Window Seals

UPVC Window Seals specializes in resealing or repairing broken seals in most types of windows. One of the main reason you should always make sure that your seal is air tight and no cracks or holes is because that it lets drafts in and you can get water leaking in and if it is on double glazing it will lead to misting in-between the glass. We always make sure that all of our staff at UPVC Window Seals have been fully trained and know the best methods for fixing each type of window.

Some Frequent question our customers have about UPVC Window Seals

Q: How long does it take to replace the seals?

A: UPVC Window Seals always tries to replace the seals on the next working day that you called

Q: I have broken seals in my double glazing can this lead to any greater damage

A: Yes it can lead to misting in-between the glass that you would need to be removed by Misted Window Replacement

At UPVC Window Seals we pride our self in top customer service

Our team at UPVC Window Seals have been trained to the highest standard of customer service possible and we always give our staff opportunity to go to the training course and talks to further their skills in customer service. At UPVC Window Seals we think it is vital to have the best customer service so we can get the job done with precision and want the customers to use us again.


UPVC Window Seals got the job done efficiently


I moved into my new house a few months ago and I noticed that my double glazing windows were getting misted, but I thought nothing of it until I could not see out my windows at all so I called UPVC Window Seals and they came down the next day to fix my seal and demist my windows. After UPVC Window Seals did that one window they offered me a deal to do all my windows and I thought that this was a very considerate thing to do because I had just moved house so I let them reseal all of my windows. To make sure this problem did not occur again.


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