ACP Windows is the areas leading specialist in opening and repairing “tilt and turn” hardware.

Tilt and turn style windows have been in use in the UK for 30 years and still offer excellent ventilation through the variable tilt function as well as easy cleaning due to opening through to 90 degrees.

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The internal workings of “tilt and turn” hardware can be complicated for the casual DIY enthusiast to replace with many types of internal mechanism now having obsolete parts.

Tilt and Turn Hardware comes in two distinct types:

“Tilt before Turn” & “Turn before Tilt”

ACP Windows can fix both types.


Have a look below at some of the frequent problems experienced by our customers.  If you can’t see the problem you are having then give us a call.

Some Frequent Problems

Q: My window tilts and turns at the same time is this difficult to fix?

A: No.  Fixing this problem is a simple step that an engineer can fix quickly and with out needing replacement parts.  If you are comfortable we may be able to talk you through fixing it over the phone.

Q: My window is not closed properly and will not open or close anymore.  Is it broken?

A: Your tilt and turn window isn’t broken, the gearing is out of line.  This is not a bad as it sounds and can be fixed by our skilled engineers without the need the parts.

Q: My window handle is difficult to operate and doesn’t go all the way down and some times makes a noise when I move the handle.  What can ACP Windows do to fix this?

A: Any problem with tilt and turn hardware can be fixed.  The handle not going to the correct position or being difficult to operate can be a result of the gearing being out of line.  It can be fixed using simple modern techniques developed inline with window manufactures to leave your window as good as new.

Q: My window bangs on the frame when I open and close it.  Are the hinges broken?

A: No, the hinges are not broken and can be adjusted.  It is most likely that the window is out of line.  By adjusting the hinges and making small adjustments to the window the window can be made to open smoothly again and due to using updated techniques, often, better than when it was first installed.

Q: My handle will not move at all.

A: Your handle may be locked.  If it isn’t then part of the “tilt and turn” mechanism is stuck and will need to be released.  Following release the affected part can be assessed for damage.  If parts have become damaged or broken our engineers will discuss with you the options for repair and replacement of parts.

Q: My handle moves but nothing happens.

A: The handle may be broken and can be replaced in a range of styles and colours and styles.
Black TT Handle Brass TT Handle White TT Handle Polished Chrome TT Handle

There are many other problems that can arise with tilt and turn Windows.  If you have any problems give us a call.  Quotes are free.