Window Repair Poole

Are your windows misted up, steamed, blown or have seals broken? This can happen because moisture has got inside the window. There is no fix to this problem. It will only get worse as time goes on and limescale deposits will build up in the window making it unsightly.

Your windows will look constantly dirty. This may be caused by a number of simple factors. The sealed unit may be old or may have been poorly constructed. Sometimes there are other factors impacting the windows such as the UPVC’s internal drainage system becoming blocked or unable to cope with high volumes of water ingress. This is all easily fixed and is usually included in the price of the sealed unit replacement.


1. Call at a convenient time to check the misted window and take measurements to allow us to give a 100% accurate quote. Taking accurate measurements also ensures that you get the correct window replacement and if you accept the quote at a later date we don’t have to waste your time coming back to remeasure.

2. Along with the quote, you will receive information on the options available to you, so you end up with the type of window that is best for you.

3. When you accept the quote date and time will be arranged with you usually within 2 weeks for fitting.  If you prefer you can be called nearer the time or once the sealed unit has been made to arrange a suitable time.

4. On fitting day one of our window technicians will arrive, ensure all surfaces local to the window are covered and protected.  Your old sealed unit will then be removed and the new one fitted and cleaned.

5. Whilst the old unit is removed a full inspection of the window cavity will be made checking that the UPVC part of the windows internal drainage system is working correctly, any dirt, algae growth and any other debris is removed.

6. Your old misted unit will be taken away and disposed of responsibly.