Misted Window Repair

At misted window repair we specialize in a wide range of misted repairs and fittings, misted window repair is normally needed when a poorly contrasted or sealed window has broken, letting all the condensation get into the window.  We always make sure all the staff at misted window repair are fully trained to each and every type of misted window, this ensures that all of our jobs we carry out our done with the most precision and carried out professionally.

Some Frequent questions our customers have about Misted Window Repair

Q: When should I call misted window repair

A: You should call misted window repair when you first notice that the inside of your windows have been misted for over a few days and has not evaporated

Q: Do misted windows lead to anything worse

A: Yes, if you leave your windows misted for a long time it can create mold, and eventually crack (if they happen to crack you could head over to Dorset Glass) misted window repair would have to replace the whole window if that happened

Q: If I catch the misting as soon as it starts is there a quick way to amend this

A:  Yes we at misted window repair can check all the sealing and find where the gap is letting the mist in and fill it

Q: How long does it take for you to de-mist my windows if they were misted

A: it would probably only take use half a day at moist unless of any complications

At Misted Window Repair, we pride our self in a high level of customer service

Our team at misted window repair has been trained at a high customer service level so it will make all the interactions at misted window repair smooth and easy for all of our customers, we aim to give all of our customers 100% attention and always have a good attitude. We think this helps us because and the customer gets the job done much more precisely.


It’s a Pleasure to work with Misted Window Repair


When I had a problem with my window misting I called the misted window repair, and they explained to me on the phone what was wrong and how much it was going to cost so I booked an appointment with them. when they came to my house to sort out the misted window, I could tell straight away at how professional they are, when misted window repair started work on my window it only took them about half a day to fix my mist problem and make the window looking good as new.  Misted Window Repair was a pleasure to deal with.


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