We can fit:

  • New hinges

  • New locks

  • Locks for venting

  • New handles

  • Replacement keys

  • Hits frame

  • Trickle vents

We can also repair damage from a burglary

Window Hinge Repair

The main reason a window hinge or friction Stay needs replacing is when the black or grey friction block on the window hinge snaps.

Window Hinge

Some other window hinge problems:


When you close the window there is a gap or draft down the hinge side of the window.

The window does not fully pull in the area of the hinge

Large gaps form leaving the window unable to close

With larger windows the hinge arm can buckle or snap leaving the window completely unable to close.


All replacement window mechanisms are guaranteed for 2 years.

Hinges and handles are serviced at no extra cost on site.

Window Handles

Window handles can be replaced in a variety of styles and in a range of colours.

If you have any of the following problems you may need to consider a replacement window handle:

  1. The handle doesn’t lock

  2. The handle doesn’t move easily

  3. The handle wobbles excessively

  4. The handle has snapped off

  5. The handle operates correctly but nothing happens

Window locking mechanisms come in a wide array of styles, types and makes – ACP windows stocks the majority of types and can get any parts not stocked next day delivery.

Some of the reasons you may need to change your locking mechanism are:

  1. The window is difficult to lock and unlock causing you to have to put excessive force on the handle

  2. When the window is locked the handle doesn’t go all the way down

  3. The window catches on one side or one end when you push it open

  4. If the window fails to open or only gives at one side

Find out how ACP can help repair your window hinges, locks and handles.

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