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At Front door security locks, we install all types of security to all kinds of doors, we do this by using specialized tools.  Front door security locks we train all our staff so that when to come to change your locks and upgrade them they can get it done in the most secure way possible also we make sure that all of our staff have been fully trained to the knowledge of every type of lock, this ensures that when our team cone to fit the locks they will be it with the most precise and professional ways.

Some Frequent Questions our customers have about Front door security locks

Q: How long does it take for you to install Front door security locks

A: at Front door security locks, it only takes us a few hours

Q: are the Front door security locks you install the most up to date and safest

A: yes, at Front door security locks we pride our self in the safest and newest locks

Q: Do I have to buy the lock, or do you supply them

A: we normally supply the locks because we have the most advanced and up to dates ones, but if you want a lock fitted you have we are happy to do so.

Q: Can you repair broken locks and my windows on my door

A: we normally prefer at Front Door Security Locks to replace with the newest kind of lock, we don’t replace or fix windows but Door Repair can for you

At Front Door Security Locks we pride our self in a high level of customer service

Front door security locks have a very high standard of customer service and all of our staff are sent are given the opportunity to go on or study training courses to make sure they are up to our company’s standards. Front door security locks have regular meetings to discuss how to make our service even more efficient and friendly. We always aim to give our customers 100% attention and always listen to their input.


Front Door Security Locks are very easy to work with


I decided to call Front door security locks to get my lock updated in my house because I was worried that they were getting old and they were not very secure anymore. When I called Front Door Security Locks they came the next day with new locks and fitted the locks on my front door and back door. I was very happy with that way Front Door Security Locks handle the job professionally and quickly.


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