Double Glazing

Double Glazing Christchurch

At Double Glazing Christchurch, we repair and install all types of double glazing windows. The tools we use at Double Glazing Christchurch are specialized for all types of double glazing, so we always make sure that all of our staff have been trained to the highest standard possible for each tool. We believe at Double Glazing Christchurch if our staff have been trained in the most up to date methods this will lead to a smooth and safer experience with the customer’s property.

Some Frequent question our customers have about Double Glazing Christchurch

Q: my window has cracks in and in need of repair?

A: at Double Glazing Christchurch we have all the parts that are needed to repair or replace cracked in every type of window

Q: How long does it take on average to fix a window?

A: We would have to inspect the window to see how much damage it has sustained before we can give you a time.

Q: Do you fix every type of crack no matter how bad it is?

A: at Double Glazing Christchurch we pride our self on being able to fix most damage to double glazing.

At Double Glazing Christchurch, we pride our self in top customer service

We make sure at Double Glazing Christchurch that all of our staff have been trained at the highest level of customer care. We think at Double Glazing Christchurch it is one of the most important aspects of a business to have a high level of customer care. This will help us communicate with the customers to getting an understanding of how they would like their windows fix and hopefully make them want to come back to us if they having any more problems.

Double Glazing Christchurch is so professional

I and my husband had just come back from holiday to discover that our dining room window had chips and crack on them. We did not know what to do at first so we rang up our son who said he had problems with his windows a few weeks back. He recommended us Double Glazing Christchurch, so we rang them straight away to see if they could come down and have a look. Double Glazing Christchurch said that they could come down tomorrow and see what they could do. Double Glazing Christchurch came down to look at are windows that morning and fix them, only taking one day. I think Double Glazing Christchurch are very professional.



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