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At Dorset glass, we install and repair broken glass from windows, doors, and conservatories. The tools we use at Dorset glass are specialized tools for the glass to make sure all Dorset glass repairs are done properly and safely. Dorset glass has always trained their staff to the highest level possible so when they go out on a job it will be done with the must experience and safety. We also make sure that our staff haver been trained in the most up to date methods of installing and fixing the glass and also trained on how to use each and very told correctly.

Some Frequent Question our Customers have about Dorset Glass

Q: If my window has been damaged how long would it take Dorset glass to come out and replace it

A: Dorset glass always makes sure that we can see all of our customers the day of the call if not the day after

Q: what types of glass do you replace at Dorset glass

A: we repair must windows at Dorset glass here are some of the most popular ones, doors, windows and conservatories

Q: how long does it take for Dorset glass to fix a broken glass in a door

A: Dorset glass prides them self on quick repair and service

Q: Do you repair glass panels on front doors

A: we mainly focus on windows not doors, but our partner company Bournemouth Glass and Glazing

At Dorset Glass, we pride our self in a high level of customer service

Dorset Glass has made sure that all of their staff are trained to the highest level so that Dorset Glass staff can do the jobs efficiently and effectively. We also pride ourself at Dorset Glass on how we are to our customers, we always make sure to be friendly and welcoming, so it makes the job for our Dorset Glass staff easy and the customers will want to come back again whenever they have a problem with their glass.

Dorset Glass has the best customer service I have experienced in a long time


I got home from work to discover that I crack somehow has formed in my window and I did not know what to do, so I called one of my friends that said they had the same problem so I could get a recommendation and they recommended me Dorset Glass. So in the morning before work I gave them a called and explained what has happened I ask for the price but they said they would have to come down and inspected the window to see what damage has been caused, I set an appointment with Dorset Glass to come down and have a look. When they came down the actually fixed it on the day because they said it was such a small crack they could fix it within minutes. I would definitely recommend Dorset Glass to anyone with the same issue as I had.


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