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At Dorset Door we specialize in repairing doors for you this includes cracks in glass, locks and other security methods (we can fix them and even update them to safer locks). Dorset Door makes sure that all of our staff have been trained in the best methods possible with each and every tool making the job safer and much more accurate. Also, at Dorset Door, we try and come the next day you call us or the day after you call us.

Some Frequent questions our customers have about Dorset Door

Q: I am looking to improve my security on my door

A: at Dorset Door are main focus is replacing and repairing them, but you can have a look at our Security Locks

Q: My door has a crack in it would you be able to solve this

A: Dorset Door can fix must types of damaged doors

Q: The handle on my door is not working is this something you can fix

A: yes we can fix door handles to make sure they are working again or even replace them for you

At Dorset Door, we pride our self in top customer service

Our team at Dorset Door has been trained at a high customer service level so it will make all the interactions at Dorset Door smooth and easy for all of our customers, we aim to give all of our customers 100% attention and always have a good attitude. We think this helps us because and the customer gets the job done much more precisely.

Dorset Door got the job done precisely and professionally

I came home from holiday to see that my door had been badly damaged at first I was not sure what to do so I phoned my best friend that recommended me Dorset Door because she has dealt with them before.  So I rang Dorset Door and ask if they could come down and see what they could do to my door, Dorset Door came down on that day and repair it with the tools they had in the van. Dorset Door carried out the job in a very precise and professional manner.


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To get in contact with us and talk to one of our team members to get great customer care and service, click on Dorset Doors or head over to the contact page to see all of our detail and where we are located.