Conservatories Dorset

At Conservatories Dorset, we repair and replace Conservatories, windows and door that have been badly damaged or crack and in need of replacing. Conservatories Dorset has a wide range of tools that will help us repair your Conservatories safely and efficiently. We always make sure all the staff at Conservatories Dorset are fully trained to tackle any type of conservatories. We think training are staff in the most advanced and up to date way of fixing and replacing conservatories makes out for a smooth and precise job.

Some Frequent questions our customers have about Conservatories Dorset

Q: My door window in my Conservatories has cracked

A: At Conservatories Dorset when can replace or repair your Conservatoire doors

Q: How long does it normally take to replace a Conservatories Window’s

A: It should only take Conservatories Dorset a day to replace the window for you

Q: My window is crack very badly

A: We can repair the window for you but we recommend our other team Dorset Glass if you just want your window repaired or replaced

At Conservatories Dorset, we pride our self in a high level of customer service

Our team at Conservatories Dorset pride ourself in excellent customer service and we obtain this bu giving our staff every opportunity to go on and study all training course on customer service. Conservatories Dorset has a very high standard of customer service for all our customers so it makes our job and the time we are working with you so much easier and we can also interactive with the customer to see if they are happy with the way we are building and fixing there Conservatories.


It’s a very easy to work with Conservatories Dorset


When my conservatory window and door got damaged I rang Conservatories Dorset and they sent a member of staff to look at the damage and to see how much its going to cost and what it is going to take to repair my window and door. I was very pleased that Within a day Conservatories Dorset got back to me. Saying that they are coming down to fix my window and door and it won’t take that long. The next day Conservatories Dorset came down to my house and fixed my door and window. I am very pleased to say that I had a very pleasant time dealing with Conservatoires Dorset

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