Cat Flap Door Installation

At cat flap door installation, we install all types of cat flaps from micro-chipped, magnetic collar doors and just the normal ones. Our staff at cat flap door installation has been trained In all the safest and easiest methods to ensure that your cat flap door installation is done without damaging your door or windows. We always make sure that all of our staff are trained in the must advanced and new ways to fit the cat flaps, this also helps the jobs to be carried out in the most professional and precise way possible.

Some Frequent Questions our customers have about Cat Flap Door Installation

Q: Can you install the cat flap into a window

A: At cat flap door installation, we can install cat flaps to doors and window with ease

Q: Do you supply the catflaps

A: Yes, we supply loads of different brands at cat flap door installation

Q: Can I use my own cat flap

A: Yes, you can

Q: Can you fit dog flaps

A: We personally don’t fit dog flaps but our partners at Pet Door fit dog flaps

At Cat Flap Door Installation we pride our self in a high level of customer service

All of our staff at cat flap door installation have had the highest level of customer service so they will always be friendly and kind towards our customers we have done this by making sure all of our staff have the option to study or go on training courses that are specific to customer service. We think this helps because our staff will be up to date with all of the best and mist advanced training tactics available


Cat Flap Door Installation is quick and easy


When I got my two new kittens I did not need to worry about a cat flap, after they got to the age they could go out I realized that I left it to soon and I needed a cat flap installed. So my friend recommends Cat Flap Door Installation, I gave them a call to see if I needed to buy a cat flap or they would supply one. Cat flap door installation gave me the option to buy one from them or buy one myself and get them to install the cat flap. I used one of Cat Flap Door Installation so I could get the cat flap quicker. They came over the next day and fitted the microchip cat flap within an hour. It was a pleasure letting them in my home and letting them install my cat flap.


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