Multipoint doors and windows are difficult to secure above the original factory fitted security. Traditional security hardware, bolts and locks can not be fitted to UPVC doors and windows. ACP windows can provide UPVC friendly additional security.

This Includes:

  • Bespoke UPVC bolts for doors
  • Bolts and stops suitable for UPVC windows
  • Upgrades to existing locking systems
  • Replacement handles with locks
  • Replacement of door panels with reinforced panels
  • British Standard Kite Marked Cylinders and locks conforming to the latest in insurance standards
  • Bolts for patio doors
  • Panic hardware
  • Locking products to prevent the glass from being removed
  • Products to prevent sliding patio doors from being lifted
  • Door restrictors to prevent UPVC doors from opening past 90 degrees in the wind or in the hands of children.

We know that making your home safer is a big priority as keeping your family safe from people who want to cause damage or harm.


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