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Double Glazing Poole

We repair all types of double glazing and most other types of windows. Repairing windows can be very complicated so we make sure all our staff at Double Glazing Poole have been trained with every type of tool for every type of windows and specializing in double glazing. we believe at Double Glazing Poole that if our staff have been trained with the highest level with all of our tool and the latest technique this will lead to a smoother job for us and the customers.

Some Frequent question our customers have about Double Glazing Poole

Q: my window has cracks in and in need of repair?

A: at Double Glazing Poole we have all the parts that are needed to repair or replace cracked in every type of window

Q: Do you just fix double glazing?

A: at Double Glazing Poole we focus on double glazing but we also fix most types of windows.

Q: how long does it normal take for you to come out and fix a window?

A: at Double Glazing Poole we also try to come out on that day or the day after.

At Double Glazing Poole, we pride our self in top customer service

Our team at Double Glazing Poole have been trained to deliver the best and most professional customer experience possible in every situation. We give all our staff opportunity to go on a training course for customer’s service. Double Glazing Poole thinks that 100% customer service also lead to a good job and the customer wanting to return when they have an issue with their windows again.


It’s easy working with Double Glazing Poole


I came home to find that my double glazing windows ion my living room had a crack and I left it for a few weeks making the crack much bigger, so I rang Double Glazing Poole to ask when they could come out and have a look at how much it would cost me and how long it would take. Double Glazing Poole told me an exact price and said they could fix it now, I had no problem with that and they fixed the crack in my window making look as good as new.


To get in contact with us and talk to one of our team members to get great customer care and service, click on Double Glazing Poole or head over to the contact page to see all of our detail and where we are located.