Pet Doors and Cat Flaps Installation

Do you want to give your pets more freedom? Sick of having to let them out and back in all the time? Well with a pet door or cat flap you won’t have to do that anymore. If your dog needs to go outside to go to the toilet then it will be able to do it whenever they like. This will not only make life easier for you but your pet too as they won’t have to wait for you to open the door for them; In this situation it is a win, win for you and your pet. A lot of pet owners when they get a cat flap will be worried about other peoples pets coming into their homes. This can be counteracted by having a door that will only let your pet in; This can be from a microchip or magnetic-activated pet doors.

We can ensure that every single one of your worries will be taken care of. You won’t have to worry about who is going to be installing the pet door because we have a full team of qualified engineers who specialise in window and door repairs. When you call ACP we will arrange a time that best suits you to assess the area required for fitting and then you will be able to pick out a pet door that you would like to have installed onto your door. This could take up to 30 minutes but we do not charge a call-out fee for this. We are able to provide a quote on-site and always send written quotes by email or post.

All of our work is completed to a high standard. All of our engineers are DBS checked and police approved for your peace of mind. Get in contact with our team for more.

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