Window Repair Poole

One of the things we can repair on your window is mist if your windows are steamed or blown up. This happens because moisture has got inside the window. There is no fix for this problem. The problem will get worse as time goes on until milky lime scale deposits build up inside the window making it unsightly. Your windows will look constantly dirty. This may be caused by a number of simple factors. The sealed unit may be old or may have been poorly constructed. Sometimes there are other factors impacting the windows such as the UPVC’s internal drainage system becoming blocked or unable to cope with high volumes of water ingress. We can help to fix this for you and get your windows back to what they were when you first got them.

We can also help you with window hinge repair as well if your hinges aren’t working properly we can come and fix this for you. The main reason a hinge or friction stay needs replacing is when the block on the window hinge snaps. Other window hinge problems are when you close the window there is a gap or draft down the hinge side of the window. The window does not fully pull in the area of the hinge, large gaps form leaving the window unable to close with larger windows the hinge arm can buckle or snap leaving the window completely unable to close.

All of our qualified, experienced and friendly technicians are available to provide a free, no-obligation quote to repair your window problems, replace your glazing or change your locks. ACP can provide immediately specialist repairs for all windows and door problems. All major parts are carried so window repairs can be completed quickly saving you time and money.

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