Home Security Improvements In Dorset

Are you looking to improve your home security in Dorset? Our team can help you achieve this so that your family and belongings are safe from other people. Some people say that you can never be too safe and with us, this is a true statement as we are always looking at new ways to improve the security of our customers and clients whether it be for your home or business we will always provide you with the best products and service we can offer. The additional security we can offer are things like Bespoke UPVC bolts for doors, Bolts and stops suitable for UPVC windows, Upgrades to the existing locking system, replacement handles with locks, replacement of door panels with reinforced panels, bolts for patio doors, panic hardware, locking products to prevent the glass from being removed, products to prevent sliding patio doors from being lifted and door resistors to prevent UPVC doors from opening past 90 degrees in the wind or in the hands of children.

All additional parts are fitted using specialist screws designed to hold firm in modern UPVC without splitting or damaging the UPVC.

All of this can really help to make your home or business a safer place. Means you can sleep sound at night knowing that you have nothing to worry about. If someone does try to get into your home and causes damage to your windows or doors our team is on hand to come and repair this damage for you. All of our qualified, experienced and friendly technicians are available to provide a free, no-obligation quote to repair your window problems, replace your glazing or change your locks. All of our work is completed to a high standard. All parts and labour are guaranteed for peace of mind. All engineers are DBS checked and police approved.

If you are interested in our services please make sure you get in contact with us for your home security improvements in Dorset.

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