Hinge Repair Bournemouth

When your windows aren’t working properly it can be very annoying, we can fit new hinges, new locks, locks for venting, new handles, replacement keys, hits frame and trickle vents. We can also repair any damage to the windows caused in a burglary. The main reason a window hinge or friction stay needs replacing is when the black or grey friction block on the hinge snaps. There are also other problems you get with your window hinges that may mean you have to have them fixed. Some of these are, when you close the window there is a gap or draft down the hinge side of the window. The window does not fully pull in the area of the hinge. Large gaps form leaving the window unable to close, with larger windows the hinge arm can buckle or snap leaving the window completely unable to close.

Here at ACP we have many other different services and one of these services is the remove and replace service we have, if you are in the process of improving your property and need to get large or long items into the property consider removing the glazing and maybe even the window frame for a short time. This will help you get rubbish and other bits of rubble out of the property without having to carry it all the way through. It will also assist with moving large items, like RSJs, radiators and building materials. If you have new furniture being delivered and it isn’t going to fit through the door, consider temporally removing the glazing from the room. Sometimes the only solution to the problem of moving large items in or out is to temporarily remove a window for access. We can show you just how swift and simple this operation is and can save you the hassle of dismantling larger furniture items.

If you are interested in any of our services please get in contact with us.

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