Doors and Window Repairs

Are you looking for someone to repair doors and windows on your property? Well, we are a fantastic window and door repairs company who will put you first. When your door has problems it can be quite annoying as you use them every day. The things we can fix with your doors are when they catch, need slamming to shut, the key won’t turn, the key won’t come out, the key won’t go into the door, scrapes on the frame or floor, damaged by a burglar, drafty doors, we can also get you replacement keys. With doors, we can also replace certain parts of the door to repair it or to make it stronger than what it was before. Door panels, new handles, architrave, door seals, hinges, locking mechanism, drip wp-content/uploadss, chain and door viewers, cat and dog flaps and trickle vents. There is a lot we can do with a door which is why our services have been trusted time and time again by our customers.

Then with your windows, we are able to help you with any misted windows, hinges, locks and handles; We also can repair tilt & turn windows. Our team offers a great UPVC cleaning service that will get your windows back to what they should look like. Soffits and facias can be cleaned, guttering is also be cleaned and unblocked, conservatory roof cleaning, dirty UPVC cleaning, all types of glazing and window cleaning. Being UPVC specialists we will get your UPVC back to the colour it is supposed to be. to gently remove all stubborn deposits and then use specialist cleaners to ensure a fantastic finish. At the same time as having things cleaned why not have us replace the sealant and rubber seals to ensure make sure your windows and door look as good now as they did when they were first fitted.

If you are interested in the service we can provide you with please get in contact with us and we will be able to give you any information you need.

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