Door Repair Poole

We specialize in repairing doors. This includes cracks in the glass of the door, locks and other security methods. While we are with you we can repair your door and update the locks and security of the door to make it safer for you. Door Repair Poole makes sure all of our staff is trained in the best method possible and given the correct tools for the job to make it accurate and time efficient.

Our team are highly trained in customer service so it makes all the interactions smooth and easy for all our customers, we aim to give all of our customer 100% attention and always have a good attitude.


Q: I am looking to improve my security on my door

A: at Door Repair Poole are the main focus is replacing and repairing them, but you can have a look at our Security Locks

Q: My door has a crack in it would you be able to solve this

A: Door Repair Poole can fix must type of damaged doors

Q: The handle on my door is not working is this something you can fix

A: yes we can fix door handles to make sure they are working again or even replace them for you