Damaged Doors Bournemouth

If your doors are damaged and need repairing then we are the best people for the job. We can have your doors back to normal in no time. Our service is the best you will ever experience as we have our engineers trained to the highest possible qualifications. We also offer to send them onto more courses so that they can keep learning more and more about the job no matter how much experience they already have as we believe that it’s always good to keep learning.

The things we can fix are:

  • Doors that catch
  • Doors that need slamming
  • Key won’t turn
  • Key won’t come out
  • Key won’t go in
  • Scrapes on frame or floor
  • Damaged by burglar
  • Drafty doors
  • Replacement keys/locks

We can Replace:

  • Door panels
  • New door handles
  • Architrave, door trim
  • Door seals which are discoloured/damaged
  • Hinges
  • Locking mechanism
  • Drip wp-content/uploadss
  • Chain and door viewers
  • Cat and dog flaps
  • Trickle vents