Additional Security Broadstone

With our help, we can make your home a safer place for your belongings and your family. We understand that sometimes people will try to enter your property without permission. That is why we believe this service of ours is so important to ensure that you are always safe. We have a list of things that we can help you secure and improve the security on. These are Bespoke UPVC bolts for doors which will help keep your door secure from unwanted visitors. We also have bolts and stops suitable for UPVC windows, this will help to stop people getting in through your windows. We can also upgrade your existing locking system that will also improve the security of your front and back doors to make them even more secure. We can replace door panels with reinforced panels this can strengthen your door. We can put bolts in the patio doors and put in products that will prevent sliding patio doors from being lifted up and removed. We also have products that will prevent the glass from being removed. If you have problems with your children opening your doors and swing out and get damaged? We can help with installing door restrictors that prevent the door from opening past 90 degrees in the wind or in the hands of children.

We also have many other services that can help you improve your home and make necessary repairs. To see these go to our services page to see all of them.

If you are interested in our services please get in contact with us and we can give you a quote on a service you need!